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Belly Oil

RM 75.00

Our specially concocted Belly Oil is made for all women struggling with stretchmarks. Its made of:

- almost similar with skin sebum so its very light and easy for skin to absorb.
- safe for all skin types

*Coconut oil
- an effective moisturiser for all skin type
- delays wrinkles and skin sagging
- improve overall appearance of skin
- prevent premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its antioxidant properties

Grapeseed oil
- repair damaged and stressed skin tissues, retain skin structure.
- high in vit e, vit c, omega 6 and 9 that makes it a wonderful emollient to eliminate stretch marks.

*helichrysum oil
- one of the best and most expensive oil that has skin healing properties include tissue and cell regeneration and promoting new cell growth.
- nourishes skin and improves its elasticity

*Rose geranium oil
- revitalizes skin cells, helps to heal collagen, and increase skin elasticity that makes it useful in preventing stretch marks and healing existing ones.

*Lavender oil
- commonly used to treat skin conditions like cellulite, dark spots, rashes and acne. It also helps to reduce stretch marks and rejuvenate the skin.

- one of the best oil to treat skin issues due to its regenerative properties.
- heals scars and prevent new ones

Note: *certified organic ingredient